PILF Speakers 2017

Prof. Vijaya Suvarna

Prof. Vijaya Suvarna and Amol Muley are the Directors of Liberation Coaches, which energies, enables and empowers people to live a liberated life. Liberation Coaches provides exemplary corporate training services across India. Together they have helped change the lives of more than 2 lakh aspiring individuals and 300 organisations.
About the Book: 5 Break- Free Truths
5 Break- Free Truths is an original approach to life that allows you to

  • confront your deepest fears and anxieties and do away with them
  • Take proactive steps to discover your true potential
  • Build long -lasting relationships with people and live life on your terms
It helps you differentiate Your Truth from The Truth so you can stop lying to yourself and face life head-on.

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