PILF Speakers 2017

Tripti Sharan

Tripti Sharan, is a gynaecologist by profession. At other times she is a reader, writer, thinker and a dreamer. As she strives to empower women by promoting health and awareness, her biggest challenge has been getting past the stereotypes and overcoming the misogyny prevalent in the society. In her recent book, ‘Chronicles of a Gynaecologist’ which is based on real life experiences, she tries to decipher the conundrum of a women’s life at every step. She also has an anthology of poems, ‘The Dewdrops, a Journey begins’. Apart from writing for everylifecounts.ndtv.com and The Better India, where she tries to showcase the myriad issues that plague women, she is also an active blogger with webzines, and contributes to anthologies and publications. She is currently working on her new book ‘Anecdotes of a Medico’ and another volume of poems.

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