PILF Speakers 2017

Suhail Mathur

Suhail Mathur is an award winning and bestselling author of the historical-mythological fiction, THE BHAIRAV PUTRAS and the mythological-fantasy, THE HUNT FOR RAMA’S BOW, and is one of the country’s premier literary agents via his agency, THE BOOK BAKERS.
An alumnus of Delhi Public School, NOIDA and National Law University, Delhi, Suhail, a lit fest regular, has also worked as an English cricket commentator for Star Sports & Airtel’s mobile app.
His name has also been listed as one of the ‘Top 51 Indian Writers To Follow’ by EBooks India. Currently heading the new content development at Zee Entertainment Network’s channel, BIG MAGIC, he has been creatively involved on shows like Hum Paanch & Khaki.

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