PILF Speakers 2017

Pratibha Deshpande

Pratibha Deshpande completed a number of online courses at the universities of Austin, Princeton, and Stanford.
1) Counsellor (specialized in relationship solutions)
2) Author of 12 books
3) Trustee and Secretary of the NGO for adult spastics "SPACE", she believes in doing her bit for the good of society.
4) Director of Active Fluxes Pvt. Ltd. a manufacturing company based in Pune
Mother and child. Man and woman. Husband and wife. Her and him. Relationships intrigue her, interest her and inspire her. Relationships are the core of her writing, and her very strength.
In fact, globe trotter, animal lover dedicated career woman, Pratibha Deshpande has a series of books dedicated to understanding a gamut of human relationships and emotions. Naturally, a lot of her life and experiences come through in her writing. She talks about the expected and the unexpected, the understanding and the love, the give and take that every relationship has. Pratibha says, “The most important bit of any relationship is respect.” According to her in relationship one should know when to use ‘pause’ button instead of ‘stop’ button.

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