PILF Speakers 2017

Nishtha Satyam

Nishtha Satyam heads Strategic Partnerships, Policy Impact and Public Relations for UN Women, the entity of the United Nations that is dedicated to working towards Gender Equality and Woman's Empowerment. Her role at UN Women focuses on developing strategies aimed at securing a diversified partnership portfolio with the Governments of India, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka and the Private sector to build a community of commitment leading to sustained support for the organization. She also manages the development of programmes intended to generate demonstrable evidence that informs, influences key policy discourses and designs.
Her expertise covers the business’s role in development through the Sustainable Development Goals, business ethics and governance, democratization of the ICT arena, impact of ICT on development and of the regulatory and policy environment on businesses.
Nishtha has had a long standing career with the United Nations in India, prior to which she spent around a decade working in the private sector with leading firms such as KPMG and American Express as an Economist.
As a futurist and feminist, she is an active advocate of the urgency to mainstream women across the marketplace, workplace and community. Nishtha has authored a number of studies on the business value of inclusion and continues to be excited about exploring the interplay of policy, politics and people to foster growth for the most marginalized.

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