PILF Speakers 2017


Nemichandra is an Engineer by profession. She has been the Chief Designer (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) at Hindustan Aeronautical Limited and is now the General Manager of ‘HAL Management Academy’. She is also on the board of ‘BAeHAL Software Limited’.
As a writer
Nemichandra has authored 30 books in Kannada which reflect her interest in Science, Literature, Travel and Gender Studies. She has undertaken personal travels to more than 20 countries on a shoestring budget. Her travelogue ‘In the Sacred Valley of Peru’, scientific biography ‘Marie Curie’ and the novel ‘Yad Vashem’ have received ‘Sahitya Academy Award’. ‘Yad Vashem’ is about a little Jewish girl (escaped from Nazi Germany) growing up in old Bangalore.
Nemichandra is the recipient of Attimabbe Award of Karnataka State Govt, Devi Award of Indian Express, Ratnamma Hegde award, Dr. Shivarama Karantha award, Dr. Masti award, Dr. Ha.Ma.Naik award, Dr. Krishnananda Kamat award, ‘Sandesha’ Award, ‘Akka’ Award, ‘Indira Tanaya’ award and others.

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