PILF Speakers 2017

Neil Hollander - Ph.D. University of Washington. Writer, film director and producer, journalist, sailor

Neil Hollander has gone through several professions, a university professor, a war correspondent, a sailor, and a writer of children’s books, those with nautical themes and a history of peace. He has crossed both the Atlantic and Pacific in a small sailboat with no engine. As a film maker he has written, produced and directed THE LAST SAILORS, narrated by Orson Welles, (6 international prizes), GOLDLUST-BRAZIL, also narrated by Orson Welles, RIDING THE RAILS (5 international prizes) and produced THE SAND ROSE (7 international prizes). He has also written and directed two feature films starring Stacy Keach, TRAMPS and BIRDS OF PASSAGE and a series of documentaries on contemporary Myanmar (Burma). His work has also been exhibited in the Smithsonian Museum (Washington D.C.), the Deutsches Museum (Munich) and the Jim Thompson Museum in Bangkok.
His latest book is ELUSIVE DOVE, THE SEARCH FOR PEACE DURING WORLD WAR I was published in the USA. It is the story of individuals of courage who during the heat of battle stepped forward and attempted to revive the phoenix of peace.

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