PILF Speakers 2017

D. K. Hari

D.K. Hari and D.K. Hema Hari are founders of Bharath Gyan, a Civilizational Study initiative to compile and present the knowledge of India, its traditions, its culture and its global ties, from an Indian perspective.
With factual content compiled over 17 years of dedicated research, across 108 different subjects on the knowledge, traditions, social and sustainable practices of India, this husband-wife duo of management and IT professionals who have turned research collators, have evolved into subject matter experts on the overall understanding of India across ages from over 8000 years ago to the present.
They have authored 13 books, 4 films, many articles and over 100 short films. They have given over 250 joint talks, including on Women in Indian Society, at national and international forums and are also active on social media.
Under the guidance of H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar, Bharath Gyan – Art of Living is an association instituted for disseminating this knowledge worldwide.
A List of their works

o Creation - SrishtiVignana (a book on the science of Creation from Indian thought)
o A trilogy on Historicity of Rama
• Historical Rama
• Ramayana In Lanka
• Ayodhya – War and Peace
o A trilogy on Historical Krishna
• Dating of Krishna
• Footprints of Krishna
• Facets of Krishna
o You Turn India (on the secret behind the prosperity of India for millennia in English and Hindi)
o Indo-Japan A Connect Over Millennia (on the ties that these 2 ancient civilizations have shared across the times)
o Telugu Tall – Her Unknown Side - Facets of Telugu Culture and Prosperity (in English and Telugu)
o Understanding Shiva (a book that explains the Shiva Tattvain English and Hindi)
o 2012 – The Real Story (that shows the connect between the Indian and ancient America)
o Triple Eclipse 2009 (that presents an intriguing side to the phenomenon of 3 eclipses occurring back to back within a month in the decade between 2009 to 2019)

• Historical Rama (Film in English, Hindi, Tamil and Kannada)
• Creation – SrishtiVignana(Film in English and Tamil)
• Understanding Shiva (Film in English)
• Wonders of Indian Astronomy (Film in English).

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