PILF Speakers 2016

Christoph Ernst

Christoph Ernst (*1958, Hamburg) studied modern American and European History in Hamburg and New York City. Later he worked as a cultural manager, journalist and teacher. After a prolonged stay in Berlin from 1988 to 2001, he now shuttles between Hamburg and a small village in the county.
Apart from non-fiction Ernst has published several short-stories and crime-novels. The last few were ‘Ansverus’ Fluch (‘Ansverus’ Curse’ - 2016, LEDA), ‘Im Spiegellabyrinth’ (Inside the mirror(ed) labyrinth – 2015, Hallenberger Media Verlag), ‘Les Morts renaitrons un Jour’ (‘The dead shall rise again’ – Piranha, Paris – the French translation of his novel ‘Dunkle Schatten’/’Dark shadows – which came out in 2012 at Pandragon).
2010 the North German Radio produced an adaptation of his novel ‘Kein tag für Helden’ (‘No Day for Heroes’). 2012 the experimental play ‘Tahoma – die lange Reise ans Ende der Nacht’ (Tahoma- the long voyage to the end of the night’ – written in cooperation with Tony Tonagel and Hilkka Zebothsen) was a great success during the theatrical summer near the city of Mölln.
Ernst just finished another Berlin-novel using narrative elements of the classic film-noir.
Please click on the link below for more information about Ernst: www.blutiger-ernst.com

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