Advisory Board

Ashok Chopra

Ashok Chopra, author-publisher, has occupied some of the hottest seats in the Indian book trade – executive editor of Vikas Publishing House, Vice-president of Macmillan India, publishing director of UBS Publishers, executive director and publisher of the India Today Book Club & Books Today as well as chief executive and publisher of HarperCollins Publishers India. Currently, he is the Chief Executive of Hay House Publishers India. He lives in Gurgaon, near Delhi. He is the author of the bestseller – A Scrapbook of Memories and his latest book – Of Love and Other Sorrows has just been published by Penguin India.

Shobhaa De

Shobhaa De is one of India’s top best-selling authors. Her “Socialite Evenings Starry Nights Sultry Days, and Second Thoughts are course material in the University of London. Recipient of several awards for her journalistic contributions, De writes prolifically for Indian and international publications on a variety of social issues and trends.

Siddhartha M Jain

Siddhartha M Jain is currently the Creative Director at Hotstar. He hsa been a film producer and CEO at iRock Films and later at iPop Media. He is a dynamic visionary and has been instrumental in producing films like “Ragini MMS”, “Disco Valley”, “Kill The Rapist” and “Size Zero” among other.

Padmabhushan Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar

Padmabhushan Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar, an eminent scientist, is a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. He is the President of Global Research Alliance, a network of publicly funded R&D institute from AsiaPacific, Europe and USA with over 60,000 scientists. He is only the third Indian Engineer to have been elected as Fellow of Royal Society (FRS), London in the twentieth century. He has written books on varied topics ranging from Gandhian Philosophy, IPR to Indian Society, apart from innumerable contributions to various national and international Scientific Journals.

Ashok K. Banker

Ashok Banker (or Ashok K. Banker) is an internationally acclaimed author and screenwriter. His books have sold over 2.4 million copies in 16 languages and 58 countries worldwide. He is famously one of the world’s most accessible and friendliest authors. Over 50,000 readers have corresponded directly with him over the years. Banker is a contemporary Indian novelist often counted among the significant literary names in post-colonial Indian literature. His work is the focus of several academic studies for its cross-cultural themes and realistic portrayals of Indian urban issues. He is one of the few contemporary Indian authors writing in English to be included in prestigious anthologies such as The Vintage Book of Modern Indian Literature and The Picador Book of Modern Indian Literature. His work has been the subject of dissertations, course study material, and is frequently included in the syllabi or reading lists of management institutes and studies of modern Indian English Literature. He is credited as having introduced Indian mythology to a new generation of readers with works that have been described as “better written than many books in the genre that followed”, “well paced” and “breathes humanity into characters that most Indians consider deities.

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